Sublimation Machine: The Ultimate Pro


Ultimate pro

Designed and developed by some of the industry's most experienced teams in both 3D and 2D Sublimation technology, we able to offer the very latest advancement with a quality system that takes premium surface decoration. The Ultimate Pro offers you much more than the basic standard systems that produce just smart cases, tablets and ipads, it offers a new world of innovation and creativity by producing an ever expanding range of new exciting 3D sublimation consumables like hairbrushes. Manufactured and built in the UK the Ultimate Pro is the first non oven designed system capable of delivering the industry with an advanced and reliable 3D decoration solution. A key feature of the Ultimate Pro is the Rapid fire infra-red combination heating system using the latest state of the art film fusion technology with closed loop convection. The system also has a regulated heat flow, allowing an even temperature cycle that ensures all of the colours get transferred. Easy Inter-changeable Jig and form combination allowing for rapid change over time. Our machines are fully compliant with ROHS current low voltage and EMC directives. The Ultimate Pro is fully CE certified and tested.


A basic knowledge of imaging software is required, we recommend Photoshop or Corel draw, though other graphic imaging suites can be used. Having chosen your digital image, this will need to be a minimum of 300dpi, you will need to upload to your Laptop/PC and crop to resize using the templates provided. The image can then be printed using the Ricoh SG 7100R or a larger printer, we recommend the Epson E 7890. The printers must contain Sublimation inks supplied by Sublicity to ensure the process works correctly with our Flexijet 3D Film. The image is now printed onto our specially formulated Flexijet 3D film then placed into the tech tray using the guide locator pins. Once placed into the Ultimate Pro, the image transfer will take place when the inks are released during the sublimation heat process which will take a matter of minutes. Once the Press has completed its cycle, safely remove the tech tray and then remove the film from the imaged product.


3D Sublimation Products and 3d Film

Press starter kit

If you already run a 3D press we recommend and offer a basic starter kit that comprises of the following. 

200 x Smart phone cases, 4 x support smart phone jigs, 25 x ipad mini cases, 1 x ipad mini jig, 1 x 200 Sheets of Flexjiet A3 Film.

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