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A key component in the 3D process is our very own Flexijet thermoforming film required to successfully transfer the images to the products. Flexijet film has been designed to work in conjunction with our plug and play Sublimation extended ink cartridges (CMYK). During the 3D process the film is heated and the vacuum pulls the film evenly around the product allowing the image to be transferred perfectly resulting in rich vibrant colours. The Ultimate Pro is designed to work perfectly with our Flexijet A3 sheets for the Ricoh SG7100 and for larger production we offer Flexijet in 420mm x 40m Rolls

A5 Film A3 Film

Sublimation Inks

3d film printing paper

Another essential part of the 3D Process is the use of Sublimation inks. You will need to use these to embed the image when the heat and vacuum process takes place. We have successfully profiled the inks to work perfectly with our Flexijet film. Using other Sublimation inks WILL lead to ink pooling problems on the surface of the film resulting in poor colours. We offer inks sets for both the Ricoh R7100 extended carts ( Cyan, magenta, yellow 68ml and Black 75ml ) and the Epson 7890 (9 x cartridges) 350ml per cart.

Ricoh SG7100R ext carts