About us


Taking 2D and 3D Sublimation to the next level with quality sublimation blanks and original product ideas. Providing the decoration industry with the very latest quality 3D and 2D Dye Sublimation products and equipment.


As part of Contrado Imaging Ltd, we have 14 years production experience making, selling and developing sublimation solutions and products. Based in London, our product development, technical and sales teams are highly experienced in both 3D technology and Dye Sublimation as well as more traditional 2D production. We are committed to developing and evolving existing 3D technology and taking it to the next level products. We offer affordable and truly versatile solutions and consumables. Our Ultimate Pro is the only 3D press on the market which can be used with an ever expanding array of new and dynamic products that we supply.

With UK offices and production facility in London, we are able to offer customers in-house technical expertise ensuring complete confidence in our equipment, consumables and services.

If you would like to try or buy interesting and original dye sub blanks products please Contact us.